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Black Lives Matter Statement

At Hibiscus, we support the global Black Lives Matter movement in condemning the racist killing of George Floyd in Minnesota and to fight against the racism experienced by Black people around the world.

We are an organisation committed to social justice and to providing specialised services to Black, minority ethnic and migrant women affected by the criminal justice and immigration systems. We frequently see the impact of systemic racism experienced by Black individuals and communities in the UK –  from policing and prisons to housing and education.

Hibiscus was set up in 1986 to address these inequalities, in recognition of the levels of isolation, poor treatment and the lack of access to justice and services Black women and women from overseas in HMP Holloway were experiencing. During the past 35 years, this has been and remains core to our mission and, as the Black Lives Matter movement has shown, the need to pursue this work continues to be as urgent now as it was in 1986.