Our Vision & Values

Hibiscus enables marginalized migrant women trapped in the immigration, and criminal justice systems to rebuild their lives.


Our vision is to build a fair and just society where inequalities are eliminated from the criminal justice and immigration systems


Our Values

  • Integrity

To be pro-active in our intentions, for our work and actions to reflect the values we hold as an organization.

  • Respect

To respect our colleagues, stakeholders, and the women and families we support. Even when we disagree, to see each other as full human beings, with struggles and dreams

  • Learning and innovation

To be curious. To invest in our staff to develop and grow. To find new and innovative ways of supporting migrant women to rebuild their lives. To reflect honestly when things haven’t gone well.

  • Inclusive

To center those with lived experience throughout what we do. Being an ally, co-producing services, research and articles. To be inclusive in a meaningful way, to support our clients to be part of Hibiscus as employees and trustees.