Our Policy:

By providing a platform for marginalised migrant women with experience of the criminal justice and immigration system to influence policy and practice…

Policy and decisions makers understand the experiences of marginalised migrant women and implement fairer, more humane policies.



  • We will influence policy change by putting the lived experience of migrant women at the heart of policy work to make the criminal justice and immigration systems fairer.
  • We will increase awareness amongst policy and decision makers by publishing reports that showcase migrant women’s stories and sharing data collected from our service delivery to inform policy change.
  • Working with our allies and migrant women we will improve the policy and practices affecting our clients, both highlighting issues in the UK and internationally. Our work will focus on the following four issues:
  • Reducing homelessness and poverty amongst migrant women
  • Better recognition and care for survivors of trafficking
  • Addressing racial inequalities in the criminal justice and immigration systems
  • Reducing imprisonment and detention of migrant women