gain knowledge and skills

“Hibiscus offers comprehensive training in a very dynamic, understandable and enjoyable way. They adapt to the needs of your organisation by bringing ideas and knowledge from different situations and experiences. With their training I learned to support other women in need or in vulnerable situations, to build trust and show empathy towards others.”

Hibiscus has a long history of providing training to other women’s organisation, government  agencies, stakeholders and institutions. Hibiscus training packages raise awareness about the experiences of Black, minoritised and migrant women survivors of trafficking and/or gender-based violence, and how individuals and professionals can best work with them. 

These trainings have been developed in consultation with women with lived experience in the immigration and/or criminal justice systems. Our trainings are interactive and combine practical activities with real case studies, providing valuable information, tools and resources that can be applied in different settings (IRCs, Prisons, Healthcare, Social Services, Police, Education, Third Sector, etc) .  

We believe that by skilling up professionals and organisations, we can improve the experiences of migrants, increasing the accessibility and quality of care they receive. If individuals and professionals are better equipped to support and communicate with migrant women, inequalities will be reduced and women will be adequately prepared to make informed and empowered decisions to continue their journeys to recovery.   

All our training packages can be tailored to the needs of your clients and organisation. Training can be delivered in person or online. For a quote and further information please contact: ghadah@hibiscus.org.uk or silvia@hibiscus.org.uk