A lifeline
migrant women

Hibiscus enables marginalised migrant women trapped in the immigration and criminal justice systems to rebuild their lives. Drawing on its long, and enriched history, Hibiscus has an unrivalled record of accomplishment delivering high-impact support and advocacy services to migrant women.

We have helped more than 1000 clients across our community projects, Westminster Magistrates Court and Prisons

Challenging racial injustice and equality

Welfare and advocacy in prisons programme
Support & advice returning to home countries
Women-centred approach to combating trafficking
Returning to the community from prison and detention
overcoming inequality

A total of 996 CLIENTS across all teams and projects from April 2021 to March 2022.


REFUGEES AND ASYLUM SEEKERS were supported across community, prisons and IRCs


ACTIVITIES AND WORKSHOPS were held with a total of 1,062 participants to help them learn new skills, improve their well-being, and work on their agency and empowerment


CLIENTS WITH TRAFFICKING CONCERNS were supported across the organisation, including clients referred to National Referral Mechanism, with Positive or Negative Conclusive Grounds – 97 in community supported, 6 in prisons, 64 in immigration removal centres


OVER THE PAST 7 YEARS Hibiscus Initiatives has worked with more than 12,000 clients including people at courts, women in the community, families at the Pre-Departure Accommodation, men and women in detention and prison, and women receiving specialist welfare support

for every £1 we spend

is spent fighting for social justice

is spend on vital support and goes towards the next £1

Our person-centred approach engages, supports and empowers our clients with complex needs. We listen, then take action. We educate and influence policy makers. We are frontline workers.

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