The Heritage Project Exhibition

The Heritage Project

Silenced Voices Speak: Black and Migrant Women’s Travels through Immigration and Criminal Justice

Thank you to the National Lottery Players

By Andrea Dodd, Hibiscus Heritage Officer

One of the ways we support our clients is through educational and creative projects. Our Heritage Project workshops (which were launched in October) are funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund. The Heritage Exhibition is based on oral history interviews that were conducted by the women, recentering the voices of the women who are at the heart of Hibiscus’ work. The incorporation of oral history interviews conducted by women, especially those who are at the core of the organisation, adds a significant and personal touch to the celebration of the charity’s 35th Anniversary.

The inclusion of interviews with key figures such as the founder Olga Heaven MBE, former Trustee Liz Hogarth OBE, former chair of trustees Rachel Youngman, and the charities’ first male employee Waseem Saghir provides a comprehensive perspective on the history and evolution of Hibiscus Initiatives.

The creative documentary project with triptychs that portray the women in different aspects, including how they see themselves, how they believe others see them, and their future selves, is a unique and impactful way to showcase individual stories. The integration of Storytelling Training and workshops, where women share their journeys and create graphic slogans or jewellery reflecting their experiences, adds an interactive and empowering element to the exhibition.

Furthermore, the outreach efforts to individuals currently detained at Derwentside and Colnbrook through a PDF of the exhibition panels and an activity sheet based on the history of Hibiscus Initiatives demonstrate a commitment to inclusivity and spreading awareness beyond the immediate community.

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The Heritage exhibition is based on the oral history interviews that women recorded with former members of staff and other women. These panels display over 35 years of a long and proud history of Hibiscus Initiatives.