Hibiscus Initiatives’ board Senior Leadership Team are a diverse group of individuals who take action, educate and influence policymakers. They are thought leaders who have significantly influenced thinking and action in the social justice and immigration movements. They bring expertise, resources and vision to their work – along with track records as catalysts of change.

Mufeedah Bustin | Director of Operations

Mufeedah joined Hibiscus in July 2022. She started her career in financial services, working in a variety of audit, risk, operations and strategic project management roles, before becoming a Partner at a leading Lloyd’s broker. In 2017, Mufeedah moved in to the not-for-profit sector, applying her commercial and corporate experience to organisations working with disadvantaged young people. 

Ghadah Alnasseri | Head of Policy and Public Affairs

Ghadah Alnasseri is the Head of Policy and Public Affairs at Hibiscus Initiatives. She leads on Hibiscus’s policy and influencing work with a focus on reforming legislations in relation to migrant women’s experiences in the criminal justice and immigration system. Ghadah is organically from Iraq. She came to the UK as a refugee in 2009. She holds Master of Laws in human rights law. Ghadah has fifteen years’ experience leading human rights-related policies and strategies improving immigration policies, protection processes and gender equality practices nationally and internationally. Ghadah managed humanitarian and international development programmes in Europe, Latin America and Middle East and North Africa regions. Ghadah worked for British Red Cross, Danish Refugee Council, and the International Centre for Migration Policy Development.

Hazel Alcraft | Head of Community and Prison Services

Hazel joined Hibiscus in October 2020, with over 15 years’ experience working in the criminal justice voluntary sector.  She has worked in a range of policy and service delivery roles, including managing Samaritans’ award-winning Listener Scheme in prisons; and developing strategic partnerships with agencies across the criminal justice system.

Seika Aziz | Interim Head of International Resettlement and Detention Services