In light of the recent passing and enforcement of the Rwanda Act, we at Hibiscus are concerned about the UK’s continued unlawful and hostile treatment of Black and minoritised migrant women in the UK.  

We recognise the Rwanda Act as a cruel and unlawful scare-tactic, used to frighten women and people from our communities out of the UK under the threat of forced removal.  

Hibiscus has the continued privilege of providing services to Black and minoritised migrant women with lived experience of the immigration and criminal justice system. The majority of women we support are also subjected to VAWG including trafficking, modern slavery and sexual violence. In the last two years, we have engaged with and supported over 850 women. Hibiscus continues to provide a critical and necessary pathway to rights and provision ensuring that women in UK jurisdiction are provided with the support they need. We are committed to ensuring women claiming asylum have access to a fair and just process, legal representation and the holistic services they need. Though we are aware that the Rwanda Act may affect some of the women we support and engage with, we are dedicated to ensuring that no woman will face this harrowing situation alone.  

“I am not free while any woman is unfree, even when her shackles are very different from my own”.

Audre Lorde