Meet our team:

Baljit Banga | CEO

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Senior Leadership 

Seika Aziz | Interim Head of International Resettlement and Detention Services

Hazel Alcraft | Head of Community and Prison Services

Hazel Alcraft | Head of Community and Prison Services

Mufeedah Bustin | Head of Operations

Katy Swaine Williams | Interim Head of Policy and Public Affairs


Liezel Kühn Keyser | HR and Compliance Coordinator

Simona Blaj | Database and Impact Specialist

Ruby Dayan | Operations Officer

Julie Shaw | Fundraising and Grant Management Specialist

Policy and Public Affairs

Silvia Berastegui | Policy and Public Affairs Manager

Olivia Burgess | Policy Officer – Anti-Trafficking

Ritika Goyal | Policy Research Specialist (Cultural Mediation)

Fleur Okuble | Policy & Public Affairs Specialist

Priscille Managa | Policy & Communications Officer

Kanika Phillip | Communications Consultant

Community Services

Justė Marcinkevičiūtė | Women’s Centre and Mentoring Coordinator

Purdy Sutcliffe | Project Worker (Community)

Blodina Rakovica | Project Worker (Cultural Mediation)

Divya Emmi | Project Worker (Community)

Elena Brihan | Project Worker (Court)

Joanne Potter | Project Worker (Wrap Around)

Lashan Steadman | Project Worker (Diversion & Wrap Around_


Amanda Williams | Project Coordinator (Criminal Justice)

Monica Ortiz | Project Worker (Prisons and Community)

International Resettlement and Detention Services

Kerry Smith | Project Coordinator (Gatwick PDA)

Rakie Ceesay | Project Worker (IRC)

Izabela Ignatowska | Project Worker (IRC)

Amy Mills | Project Worker (SWS)