Abella came to the UK from France in 2011. She left behind her own business, fleeing a violent husband who had threatened to kill her if she left him. Within months she was working in various jobs in the UK. While suffering from depression and a close family bereavement, Abella, in her own words, made a ‘big mistake’, by stealing personal items from her employer. For this she was given a Community Order of unpaid work. She was severely depressed and suicidal when she came to Hibiscus as she was unable to pay off her large debts. She was also being sexually harassed by her landlord but did not report it to the police, as she was afraid of becoming homeless.

With Hibiscus’ support, Abella disclosed the sexual harassment she experienced to the Police and she was found a safe place to stay. Once she was in a stable situation Hibiscus helped her find work and she continues to live in the UK and enjoys her new job. Abella wants to be independent and is determined to pay off her debts without relying on anyone else.