The Women Inside is a short film written by women who attend Hibiscus Women’s Centre.

For over 35 years, Hibiscus has worked to support, advocate and campaign for Black and minoritised migrant women interacting with  the immigration and criminal justice systems and subjected to VAWG. Today, Hibiscus’ Women’s Centre offers a safe, women-only space in north London where Black and minoritised migrant women can meet together to access support and rebuild their lives.


“The film stands as a voice to the voiceless in the community, and gives awareness to those in authority to know what migrants like us are going through in society.”

Florence Allen
Film Co-author and Hibiscus Women’s Centre attendee

The development process for “The Women Inside” began in the summer of 2022 in collaboration with Blank Cheque. Over an 8-week programme, the women worked to develop their writing skills and produce a screenplay with the help of BAFTA supported writer, Suhayla-El Bushra.  It was then filmed with professional actors (and a few cameos from the women involved), using a women-only film crew from the International Film Trust.

Women supported by Hibiscus were involved in every stage of the process, ensuring the film expressed their experiences of the UK’s immigration and criminal justice systems and reflected their authentic voices.

“The Women Inside is a film by women, about women, for women. Especially the women going through the same situations as those expressed in the film.”

Tolu Stedford