A message from Kate:

“I am delighted to have joined Hibiscus as the interim CEO. As someone passionate about social justice and community value, I see the work that Hibiscus deliver is of particular importance, given the very tangible inequalities migrant women experience in our immigration and justice systems. In the current economic and political context – this support and advocacy is even more critical.

I will be picking up from Marchu Girma, whilst she is on maternity leave, and putting the wheels on the impressive strategy she and the Hibiscus team have set out – with a clear vision to build a fair and just society where inequalities are eliminated from the criminal justice and immigration systems.

Hibiscus is currently celebrating it’s 35th anniversary and we are working with ever greater focus on centring the experiences of the women that we work with across all our activities. The team play an important role supporting women in both the criminal justice and immigration systems, as well as in communities. Their experiences give us a unique understanding and insight into how these systems can be improved.

My own background – as a communicator and interim leader – has been focussed on convening, communicating and campaigning with demonstrable impact and, as well as implementing our new strategy, I hope to raise the profile of this fantastic organisation further.”